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Fixing Samsung account session expired error message

Many Samsung users are familiar with Samsung account session expired pop up message, which prompts users to input password of their Samsung account. Once a month, you may be required to reinput your password as a security measure. But it can be a real nuisance if the error message appears on your task bar or comes out of nowhere while you are busy with other apps. One way to fix this Samsung account sessions expired error message is to disable cloud syncing. Here are the methods or possible solutions to get rid of the Samsung account login prompt:
This error is common for all Samsung smartphones or tablets running latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7 Nougat operating systems. Example- Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge, Galaxy Tab A and so on.

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How to remove Samsung account session expired message from notification window

How to fix Samsung account session expired message on notifications

Method 1: Disabling Auto sync

  1. Open your apps list and select “Settings” or just pull down your quick access menu from the top of the screen and tap on the “settings” (gear) icon. 
  2. Now go to “Cloud and accounts” 
  3. Select “accounts” >> select “Samsung account”
  4. Tap on the three dots icon on top right  >> tap “sync all”
If the problem is still unresolved, go to Cloud and accounts >> tap on three dots icon >> select “disable auto sync”

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Method 2: Cancelling sync 

  1. Go to device Settings like in above method. 
  2. Select “Accounts”  >> Tap “Samsung Account”
  3. Tap “Cancel sync”
Restart your smartphone and check if the Samsung account session expired error is gone. You may the message in the notification area. Simply tap on the message and reenter your Samsung account passwor. 


Android Fix: Unfortunately messaging has stopped error

While opening the default messaging or texting app on my Android smartphone, some users reported an error “unfortunately messaging has stopped” which caused the messaging app to crash every time users wanted to send an SMS or view incoming text messages. This is a common Android app bug which can be solved by applying some simple steps such as restarting your device, app clearing or installing a third party mobile messenger app. If you are one of those android users affected by the unfortunately messaging has stopped error message, here are some possible fixes:

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How to fix Unfortunately messaging has stopped error on Android devices – smartphones and tablets

Fix for "Messaging has stopped" error message

Method 1:  Restart device

This is the simplest method but one that is most overlooked. Sometimes simply restarting your phone can fix the messaging has stopped error. 

Method 2: Clear cache and data 

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps >> All
  2. From the list of app select “Messages” (or any default app you use for texting on your phone)
  3. Tap “Clear cache” and “Clear Data”
  4. Now restart device and open your SMS or messaging app and send a message as a test

Method 3:  Installing third party, alternative SMS/messaging app

If it is your pre-installed or default messaging app that is crashing constantly or popping up error messages, it is time to try a third party messenger app. I am currently using Textra, which is a highly customization alternative to the default Android SMS app.  Just install such app and follow the onscreen information to set it as the new default messaging app.

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Method 4: Check for system updates

A lot of the times such app crashes and errors start to appear after you’ve update your operating system to a newer version. This means the error is caused by a bug that was left unresolved in the new update. If that is the case, your device manufacturer will release another update soon to fix any issues in the earlier release. So head to settings >> systems >> device info >> check for updates. If there is any new update, install it.

Some blogs have also suggested going to Safe Mode, but I don’t see how that fixes this issue. So we will skip that extra step.


Fixed: Microsoft Office 2016 installation stuck at 90%, 95% or 80%

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Recently I encountered a problem during Microsoft Office 2016 installation. I downloaded the installation package and began installation, but the MS Office 2016 installer got stuck at 90%. I tried again and this time decided to wait more, but even after 30 mins the installation wouldn’t be completed. I tried it several times and sometimes it would get stuck at 95%, sometimes at 94% and sometimes even 82%. I am currently running Windows 10 but I’ve encountered the same installation freezing issue on Windows 7. After digging around various forums, I managed to find some effective solutions which could fix the problem where MS Office installation takes unusually long time to finish. Here is how I fixed Microsoft Office 2016 installation stuck at 90%, 95% or 80%: The methods below can be applied for any Microsoft Operating System i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Microsoft Office 2016 Package

Method 1: Terminating wusa.exe

  • Stop Microsoft Office Installation (which is not responding or stuck)
  • Run task manager (Press ctrl+alt+delete) and click “task manager”
  • Find “wusa.exe” from the list of processes >> Right Click >> Select “End Task”

Try installing Microsoft Office Package again. Wait sometime, and the installation should get past the initial percentage ie,e 90% and jump to 100% until its finally completed.

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Method 2: Stop Print spooler service

This one is the method that worked for me.

  • Press windows key + r
  • Type services.msc >> Press Enter
  • Now, find “Print Spooler” under services
  • Right click on it and select “Stop”

Run the MS Office 2015 or Office 2016 installation. Once the installation is completed, you can again start “Print spooler” service.
If your Microsoft Office installation is taking abnormally long time or gets stuck, one of the above methods should fix it. If you have any other solutions for this problem, let us know how you fixed it in the comments.


Fixed: ASUS ROG laptop touchpad right click not working

If your laptop trackpad’s right click doesn’t work or has suddenly stopped working, it is a common driver related issue in Windows 10. Lately, owners of the latest ASUS ROG Strix gaming laptops have been experiencing the same problem a lot. Your trackpad, that was working perfectly fine a few days ago, doesn’t do anything when you right click it. The normal double tapping will open apps or highlight words but without the right click working, you won’t be able to access to a lot of useful options.  So how do you fix the rick click button of your trackpad? First thing you must do, is check whether it is a physical damage that is causing the issue. Usually old laptops may have a permanently damaged trackpad and the trackpad may also not work if you’ve dropped your laptop or smashed the trackpad accidentally. Of course you can always use a mouse as an alternative solution but if it’s a driver issue then why not try ad fix it. If your trackpad has just stopped working by itself, then it is probably a software issue and can be fixed.  Here are all the possible solutions for ASUS ROG laptop’s trackpad right click not working issue:  (Apply similar methods to fix trackpad issues on any brand of laptop)

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1. Check for windows update: 

Sometimes the trackpad issue may arise due to a faulty windows update. You can go to control panel and then open Windows update settings and turn automatic update on. Or simply, check for updates and then install it. On Windows 10, press the windows key and type “windows update settings” and select it. Then click “check for updates”. If there were any pending updates, let them install and then restart your PC and check whether the trackpad right click issue is fixed.

2. Uninstall and re-install ATK Driver Package: 

This fix actually fixed the trackpad issue on my ASUS ROG Strix GL502VM gaming laptop. Before installing the latest ATK Driver from your laptop manufacturer’s website, you may have to uninstall it first from the control panel. So, open control panel (press windows key and type “control panel”). Then click “uninstall a program” under Programs. On the search bar type “ATK” and then proceed to uninstall “ATK Package”. Now you will be prompted to reboot your PC.

After restart, go to your laptop manufacturer’s website and find the latest ATK Driver Package. Also, make sure you have selected the driver for the right operating system. For ASUS ROG laptops here is the link: Download latest ATK Driver Pack for ASUS laptops . After downloading the package, unzip or extract it to a folder and then run the setup. Then restart your PC and then your trackpad’s right click should start working.

3. Restore Windows to factory settings:

Some users have also fixed their laptop’s trackpad click issue, by restoring Windows to its factory or default version that came pre-installing in the laptop. Here is how you can restore windows 10 to its factory settings:

  • Click Start  (windows key)
  • Then click on settings (the gear icon above the power icon)
  • Select “Windows Update & Security”
  • Click “Recovery” >> “Get Started”
  • Click “Restore Factory Settings”
  • Now select the choices of your preference depending on whether you want to remove everything on your laptop or just the drive where you’ve installed windows. Press Next. 
  • Finally click :”Restore”
Accessing to Windows 10 Settings
Windows 10 Settings icon
Windows 10 Update & Security, Restore options
Windows 10 Update & Security options for factory reset

Resetting your PC

If the trackpad right click stopped functioning after Windows update, it may start working now that Windows has been restored to its original version. Users have also solved this problem by installing Windows 10 from scratch via USB or bootable disc.

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Audio/Sound coming from speakers after headphones plugged in: Realtek HD Audio Manager issue

Recently I experienced a “no audio from headphone/earphone issue” with my new ASUS GL502 series gaming laptop. The problem was that when I plugged in my headphone i would get a notification saying I had plugged a device into the audio jack and then the Realtek HD Audio Manager window would open.  Even after the earphone is plugged in, the sound would come from the laptop speakers only. The audio from the headphone is disabled or muted until you acknowledge that you have plugged in the earphone from the “Realtek HD Audio Manager” window.  If you are also getting this same problem where you get”audio from laptop or PC speakers but no sound from earphone after its plugged into the audio jack”, here is how you can fix it:

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Assuming you have Windows 10 installed here are the steps to fix

  1. Tap the windows button on your keyboard and search “Realtek HD Audio Manager”
  2. Open “Realtek HD Audio Manager” and then click the gear icon on the top right 
  3. Click “Options”
  4. Now from the options window, de-select or disable this option- “enable auto popup dialog, when device has been plugged in”
Step 2: Going to "Realtek HD Audio Manager" options
Disabling auto popup dialogue when a device has been plugged in to the headphone jack

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After disabling the headphone jack notification option, you can plug your headphone in and the sound will come immediately instead of a new window popping up like initially. However, you will get a small notification on the bottom of your screen that your headphone or earphone has been plugged into the audio jack. 


[Fixed] Unfortunately camera has stopped working Android error

This “unfortunately camera has stopped” error is just a system bug that is not a big issue if you have stock Android installed. Usually a simple restart or clearing cache will fix this error. If you have a custom OS like Cyanogenmod installed, you may have to flash another compatible ROM via recovery. I got this error message on my Nexus 6p whenever I opened the camera app. Then the camera app would simply force close and I would be unable to take any pictures. Here are the possible fix for unfortunately camera has stopped error for Android Smartphones and tablets.

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Camera has stopped working error message screenshot

Method 1: Restart phone

Well, this is a very straightforward step that could easily fix the camera has stopped error on your smartphone.

Method 2: Clear cache and data of your Camera application

Most of the time, the application cache may cause this error. To fix it, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings >> Apps (or application manager) >> Swipe to go to “All”
  • Now scroll down the list of apps, and tap on “Camera”
  • Tap “Clear Cache” & “Clear Data”
  • Now restart your smartphone

Open the camera app and check for the error.

Method 3: Formatting external microSD card

This method is applicable only if you save your photos on your external microSD card. Simply remove the SDcard and move all of files stored on it to your hard drive. Then insert the microSD card in your PC or Laptop’s SDcard slot and format it. To format it, right click on the microSD card drive after it appears on your PC, then select “Format”. Before formatting , you can also try checking for error by right clicking your SDcard and selecting “Properties” >> Tools >> Check

Method 4: For Custom ROM users (Cyanogenmod, SlimROM etc)

If you are a custom ROM user, you are not new to flashing Operating systems via recovery. If you’re getting this error pop up, you will need to reflash the operating system along with a compatible GAPPs package. If it still doesn’t work, you will have to flash a different ROM.

Sometimes, you may get this error when you have too many pictures in your gallery. Just move the excess images to your PC hard drive or an external storage. After clearing your gallery, open your Camera app and take pictures.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear users have also reported this error, where they would get a black screen and then the message saying “camera has stopped working”. Possible fix for this issue include resetting the Samsung Gear smartwatch. Also, check if you have the latest software update installed. If not, make sure you update the OS of your Galaxy Gear.

One of the above methods should fix the unfortunately camera has stopped working error on any Android device. If you have any other


How to fix “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” on Android phones

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Most android devices running stock OS don’t usually get the “Unfortunately System UI has stopped” error. This error is common among smartphones running customized Android operating systems. Some examples of customized OSs include Samsung’s Touchwiz, ASUS’s ZenUI, HTC’s Sense UI and Huawei’s Emotion UI. This error is mostly caused by a faulty or buggy software update and is usually fixed by another update. This can also happen if you have certain third party launcher installed. Here are some of the possible fixes for “Unfortunately the System UI has stopped” error on Android smartphones and tablets particularly Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC and ASUS Zenfone devices:

Method 1: Remove third party launcher

If you have any third party launcher app like NOVA, Trebuchet, Apex or Go launcher installed, uninstall them. Such launcher apps may conflict with your system UI because your system is not granting it sufficient permission to function stably.

Method 2: Remove apps that you recently installed

Sometimes normal apps may also conflict with your system UI. Identify your most recently installed apps and uninstall them.

Method 3: Wipe Cache Partition

A simple reboot may be all you need to fix this error. So try it. If that didn’t fix it, try booting into recovery and clearing caches. The best option is to “wipe cache partition”. First of all figure out the button combination to boot into fastboot. Usually, you turn off your phone and hold the volume down + power button until the recovery menu appears. Then you can use the volume buttons to highlight “recovery” option. Once inside the recovery, again use the volume button to select “wipe cache partition” and then press power button to select it.

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If the problem still persists, all you can do is ignore it and wait for another system update to fix this issue. You may also try downloading the previous version of the Android operating system for your device and then install it manually via recovery. However, going the OS flashing route, will require you to unlock your device’s bootloader, which can void your device warranty. But if you have no problem with losing warranty, you can even install other custom ROMs that will surely fix the “Unfortunately System UI has stopped” error on your device.


How to fix Authentication is required error in Google Play Store on Android devices

Last week, while opening Google Play Store on my phone, I got an error message: Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account. RetryI wasn’t sure why this error popped up my two Gmail addresses are already added and synced in the Google accounts settings of my phone. On the Google help forums, some said it occurs if you have an outdated Google Play Store app.

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However, even after installing the latest version, the Authentication required error would come up whenever I accessed Google Play Store to update or download apps. I could of course download/update apps by logging into the Google Play website on my laptop browser, but that is very convenient. Fortunately, I have found some effective methods to fix Authentication is required error in Google Play Store:

Google Play Store Authentication required error fix 

Google play "authentication is required" error message screenshot

First method: Clear Google Play Store Data

This is the first method you should try for any Google Play Store related errors. It is swift and effective in fixing various Android market error codes.

  1. Go to System Settings >> Apps >> App
  2. Scroll down and select “Google Play Store” from the list of apps
  3. Tap “Clear Data”
  4. Now go back and open Google Play Store

Additionally, you can also clear data for “Google Service Framework”.
You can tap the menu icon on the top left to see that the Google Play app is synced the current Gmail account. Proceed to download apps or update your installed apps.

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Method 2: Remove and add back Gmail account in device settings

  • Go to settings >> Accounts >> Tap on Google >> Select your primary Gmail account
  • Tap menu or the dotted button on the top right >> Tap “Remove account” and confirm

Now open Google Play Store and you will be asked to login your Gmail account
Follow instructions and add your Google account. The error should now be solved.

Method 3: Uninstall Google Play Store update

Please note that uninstalling Google Play Store update may not be possible on devices running Android 5. Lollipop, Android 6 MarshMallow or the latest Android 7 Nougat operating system. Still, you can try these steps and see if it works:

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> All
  • (On LG devices you navigate to settings >> General >> App. Also tap on top right menu icon to enable “show system apps”)
  • From the list of apps, tap on “Google Play Store” >> Select “Uninstall updates”

This will revert Google Play Store app to its original unupdated version. The old version might not have the same bug that is causing issues in the latest Google Play app. Now go ahead and open the Google Play Store app and see if you still get the “Authentication required” error.

Lastly, I see that some other blogs have recommended “factory reset” as a method. But I don’t think you have to go through that route,


How to fix Samsung Galaxy Touchwiz stopped Nova Launcher error

Many Samsung Galaxy smartphone users who’ve installed Nova launcher are getting “Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped” error. This error was fairly common on older devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 5 etc, but now even the newer S6 and S7 Edge is experiencing this problem.

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This error may pop up every time your press the capacitive button to get back to the home screen. The latest version of Nova launcher has fixed this Touchwiz error on most Samsung devices. So if you haven’t updated Nova yet, go to Google Play Store and do it , and that should fix the problem. However, if the problem still persists, there are couple of methods you can try. Here are the quick methods to fix Touchwiz has stopped error for Nova launcher installed Samsung Galaxy phones:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge official photo

Samsung Galaxy Touchwiz stopped fix

Method 1: Make sure Nova is set as the default home screen

  • Go to Settings >> Device >> Applications >> Default
  • For “Home Screen” select “Nova Launcher”

It Nova Launcher is already set as default Home screen, then try this: First using steps above, set Touchwiz as home and then again go back and set “Nova” as home launcher.

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Method 2: Uninstall and re-install Nova Launcher

This is a very straightforward method. Simply uninstall and re-install Nova Launcher from Google Play Store. Then proceed to set Nova as default Home launcher.

Method 3: Install another launcher

There are now numerous third party launchers than can perform on the same level as Nova. Try Apex, which comes closest to Nova in terms of features. Another one, is Google Now Launcher, which is probably the most minimalistic launcher officially developed by Google themselves.

If you have any other solution for this Samsung Touchwiz error, drop a comment below.


Fix Can’t login Pokemon Go: our servers are experiencing issues – failed to get player information

Sometimes you while logging into Pokemon Go you may get this error: “Our servers are

Pokemon go failed to get player information from server error message

experiencing issues. Please come back later”. This prevents your Pokemon Go account from syncing with the Pokemon servers where all of your login information and game data are stored. Another related error message is: “Failed to get player information from the server, retry”. As soon as you get the error message you will be taken out of Pokemon Go app. While most of the times it is caused by overloaded servers, this error may pop up even when the servers are working just fine. You may also get the “failed to login, retry. Try a different account” error. In such a case, there are few steps that will help you login to your Pokemon Go account and let you hunt your pocket monsters instantly:

The first this you should try is clearing your game data from storage.

Method 1: Clear Pokemon Go data

Go to Settings >> Apps >> All >> scroll down and select “Pokemon Go” >> Tab “clear data”
Note: On some devices (mainly LG) you will have to go to settings >> general >> apps >> Pokemon Go >> Storage >> Clear Data

Now after completing above steps, open Pokemon Go and it should log in just fine. If it didn’t try the below method:

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Method 2: Removing and adding back Google account

logging out of Pokemon Go
This is for those users who have used their Google account to sign into Pokemon Go.

  • Press menu or the pokeball icon at the bottom. Now on the top right click on settings > Log out.
  • Exit Pokemon Go
  • Go to device Settings >> Accounts >> Google >> tap on your gmail account (linked with Pokemon Go)
  • Press menu or the dotted icon on top right >> tap “remove account”
  • Now you can also add a new Google account (in case you want to switch to a different account for Pokemon Go)
  • Add back the Google account you removed
  • Open Pokemon Go and now choose the option to login with Google
  • Choose the Gmail account which you want to sync with Pokemon Go

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There you go. One of the above methods should fix your Pokemon Go login errors and slow server issues when the servers are just fine but you are getting an error.