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Human pilot beats AI in drone race

Human pilot beats AI in drone race

Anything you can do, AI can do much better. At some point.

On October twelve, NASA put on its own demonstration, pitting an AI-piloted racing drone in opposition to entire world-renowned drone pilot Ken Loo.

Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who have invested the previous two several years working on drone autonomy (which was funded by Google), designed 3 custom drones equipped with cameras for eyesight and algorithms that would assist them fly at higher speeds even though still steering clear of hurdles.

The drones, named Batman, Joker, and Nightwing, utilized algorithms that were being integrated with Google’s Tango technological know-how, which can help AI map out 3D areas.

These drones could fly up to 80mph in a straight line, but on this particularly cramped program, were being only able to hit 40mph.

In a push launch, NASA stated the pros and downsides of the two the autonomous drones and the human pilot. Even though the AI-powered drones were being able to fly far more constantly, they were being also far more careful and, at situations, ran into problems with movement blur at greater speeds. On the other hand, Loo was able to learn the program just after a couple laps and fly with significantly far more agility than the autonomous drones, but is susceptible to fatigue.

“This is definitely the densest observe I have at any time flown,” Loo said in the launch. “One of my faults as a pilot is I get weary quickly. When I get mentally fatigued, I commence to get misplaced, even if I have flown the program ten situations.”

Extended story quick, the AI and the human commenced out with comparable lap situations, but Loo ultimately received out and finished up with a quicker regular lap time than the AI.

The implications here are large: autonomous drones may well ultimately be utilized for surveillance, unexpected emergency response, or inventory in warehouses.

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