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Today all of the sudden Windows 10 started causing issues at the time of initial setup, where it is trying to setup Onedrive cloud service as a backup option at the time of initial Windows setup for first time user and there is no option to pass through it.

Windows 10 Intial setup stuck here

Reason: Onedrive is not able to sync with Microsoft server and next button on above image is not responding.

Resolution for this issue is to restart the computer, and it will restart the first time setup process again.

Just simply select “Skip this step” by clicking it. As illustrated in above image. Do not use Microsoft email account for now and complete the setup with local account.

If you want to use Microsoft account you can set it later inside the Windows using “Sign in options”.

Hope I helped with today’s hottest issue.

In addition I will provide you one more tip here as you restart the computer and login to local account you will find one more user account there from initial failed attempt, you can delete it from netplwiz.exe if you find it difficult feel free to contact.

Issue Resolved.

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Source: Windows 10 initial setup stuck at onedrive page. | Windows10 |

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