| Added Resolution to 100% Disk usage |Create a Data Collector Set to Monitor Performance Counters | Windows 10

Found helpful article which can be useful step in resolving 100% Disk usage issue :

Before trying below steps I believe you have already tried 9 other steps in my previous post to resolve 100% Disk usage issue if not to check click here.

|Windows 10|
Create a custom Data Collector Set and control your system’s performance.

How to create Data Collector Set to monitor Performance counters:

  1. Go to  Windows Performance Monitor, check left navigation pane, expand Data Collector Sets , right-click User Defined , point to New , and click Data Collector Set . It will start  New Data Collector Set Wizard.
  2. Set a name.
  3. Don’t forget to select the Create manually option and clickNext .
  4. Select the Performance Counter Alert option and then click Next .
  5. Now click Add which will bring up Add Counters popup box. Add counter and click finish.
  6. You can also define alerts as per  the values of performance counts.
    1. From the list of Performance counters, select the counter to monitor and trigger an alert.
    2. From the Alert when drop-down, choose whether to alert when the performance counter value is above or below the limit.
    3. In the Limit box, enter the threshold value.
  7. When you are finished defining alerts, clickNext to continue configuration or Finish to exit and save the current configuration.
  8. After clicking Next , you can configure the Data Collector Set to run as a particular user. Click the Change button to enter the user name and password for a different user than the default listed.
  9. Set the Interval to 1 second if collecting a small dataset (approx 24 hours) or 5 seconds if collecting a larger data set (approx 1 week). Click Add to add a counter.
  10. Locate Processor, expand processor and select % Processor Time. Choose _Total for the Instances, then Add the counter.
  11. Click OK, Click Finish to save. 
  12. Select the newly created counter, then click the green Play button to start the counter. After the test duration has completed.
  13. Repeat step 10, 11 & 12 for Network Interface. Locate Network Interface under Available counters, expand, and add a counter for Bytes Received/Sec and Bytes Sent/Sec.
Thanks and credits to my friend  Mr. Raaj Pathak to bring this method into light.

Source: | Added Resolution to 100% Disk usage |Create a Data Collector Set to Monitor Performance Counters | Windows 10

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