Android Fix: Unfortunately messaging has stopped error

While opening the default messaging or texting app on my Android smartphone, some users reported an error “unfortunately messaging has stopped” which caused the messaging app to crash every time users wanted to send an SMS or view incoming text messages. This is a common Android app bug which can be solved by applying some simple steps such as restarting your device, app clearing or installing a third party mobile messenger app. If you are one of those android users affected by the unfortunately messaging has stopped error message, here are some possible fixes:

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How to fix Unfortunately messaging has stopped error on Android devices – smartphones and tablets

Fix for "Messaging has stopped" error message

Method 1:  Restart device

This is the simplest method but one that is most overlooked. Sometimes simply restarting your phone can fix the messaging has stopped error. 

Method 2: Clear cache and data 

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps >> All
  2. From the list of app select “Messages” (or any default app you use for texting on your phone)
  3. Tap “Clear cache” and “Clear Data”
  4. Now restart device and open your SMS or messaging app and send a message as a test

Method 3:  Installing third party, alternative SMS/messaging app

If it is your pre-installed or default messaging app that is crashing constantly or popping up error messages, it is time to try a third party messenger app. I am currently using Textra, which is a highly customization alternative to the default Android SMS app.  Just install such app and follow the onscreen information to set it as the new default messaging app.

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Method 4: Check for system updates

A lot of the times such app crashes and errors start to appear after you’ve update your operating system to a newer version. This means the error is caused by a bug that was left unresolved in the new update. If that is the case, your device manufacturer will release another update soon to fix any issues in the earlier release. So head to settings >> systems >> device info >> check for updates. If there is any new update, install it.

Some blogs have also suggested going to Safe Mode, but I don’t see how that fixes this issue. So we will skip that extra step.


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