How to fix Samsung Galaxy Touchwiz stopped Nova Launcher error

Many Samsung Galaxy smartphone users who’ve installed Nova launcher are getting “Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped” error. This error was fairly common on older devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 5 etc, but now even the newer S6 and S7 Edge is experiencing this problem.

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This error may pop up every time your press the capacitive button to get back to the home screen. The latest version of Nova launcher has fixed this Touchwiz error on most Samsung devices. So if you haven’t updated Nova yet, go to Google Play Store and do it , and that should fix the problem. However, if the problem still persists, there are couple of methods you can try. Here are the quick methods to fix Touchwiz has stopped error for Nova launcher installed Samsung Galaxy phones:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge official photo

Samsung Galaxy Touchwiz stopped fix

Method 1: Make sure Nova is set as the default home screen

  • Go to Settings >> Device >> Applications >> Default
  • For “Home Screen” select “Nova Launcher”

It Nova Launcher is already set as default Home screen, then try this: First using steps above, set Touchwiz as home and then again go back and set “Nova” as home launcher.

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Method 2: Uninstall and re-install Nova Launcher

This is a very straightforward method. Simply uninstall and re-install Nova Launcher from Google Play Store. Then proceed to set Nova as default Home launcher.

Method 3: Install another launcher

There are now numerous third party launchers than can perform on the same level as Nova. Try Apex, which comes closest to Nova in terms of features. Another one, is Google Now Launcher, which is probably the most minimalistic launcher officially developed by Google themselves.

If you have any other solution for this Samsung Touchwiz error, drop a comment below.


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