Fix Can’t login Pokemon Go: our servers are experiencing issues – failed to get player information

Sometimes you while logging into Pokemon Go you may get this error: “Our servers are

Pokemon go failed to get player information from server error message

experiencing issues. Please come back later”. This prevents your Pokemon Go account from syncing with the Pokemon servers where all of your login information and game data are stored. Another related error message is: “Failed to get player information from the server, retry”. As soon as you get the error message you will be taken out of Pokemon Go app. While most of the times it is caused by overloaded servers, this error may pop up even when the servers are working just fine. You may also get the “failed to login, retry. Try a different account” error. In such a case, there are few steps that will help you login to your Pokemon Go account and let you hunt your pocket monsters instantly:

The first this you should try is clearing your game data from storage.

Method 1: Clear Pokemon Go data

Go to Settings >> Apps >> All >> scroll down and select “Pokemon Go” >> Tab “clear data”
Note: On some devices (mainly LG) you will have to go to settings >> general >> apps >> Pokemon Go >> Storage >> Clear Data

Now after completing above steps, open Pokemon Go and it should log in just fine. If it didn’t try the below method:

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Method 2: Removing and adding back Google account

logging out of Pokemon Go
This is for those users who have used their Google account to sign into Pokemon Go.

  • Press menu or the pokeball icon at the bottom. Now on the top right click on settings > Log out.
  • Exit Pokemon Go
  • Go to device Settings >> Accounts >> Google >> tap on your gmail account (linked with Pokemon Go)
  • Press menu or the dotted icon on top right >> tap “remove account”
  • Now you can also add a new Google account (in case you want to switch to a different account for Pokemon Go)
  • Add back the Google account you removed
  • Open Pokemon Go and now choose the option to login with Google
  • Choose the Gmail account which you want to sync with Pokemon Go

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There you go. One of the above methods should fix your Pokemon Go login errors and slow server issues when the servers are just fine but you are getting an error.


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