How to Fix Error 961 in Google Play Store

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The Unknown Error Code During Application Install: “961” or simply “Unknown install error 961” is a common Google Play error which stops you from downloading, installing or updating apps and games in the Android app store. I have got this error in different occasions while trying to download apps like Viber, YouTube, Facebook, Candy Crush and Clash of Clans in my Samsung Galaxy S5. A simple solution or fix for error 961 is to simply clear the cache of Google Play Store from the apps settings. Another method involves booting into recovery and then wiping the device cache of your Android phone or tablet. Here are the methods to fix unknown error 961 in Google Play Store

How to Fix Unknown Error 961 Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Method 1: Clearing Data

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps (application manager)>> Scroll down and select “Google Play Store”
  2. Click “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”
  3. Now open your Google Play Store app
  4. Install or update the app or game that was initially giving you the 961 error.

Method 2: Wiping Cache via recovery

This method has been helpful to users running custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod, Paranoid Android. SlimROM etc.

  1. Turn off your android phone or tablet
  2. Hold the volume up key and the power key at the same time. (alternatively, you might have to press volume down + power key for your particular device)
  3. When you see the boot screen, let go of the buttons.
  4. Use the volume down key to navigate to the recovery mode and select it by volume down
  5. If you are already in recovery mode, go to step 4.
  6. Use volume button to go to “Wipe Cache” and then press the power button to select it.
  7. Again, go to advanced menu >> select “Wipe dalvik cache”
  8. Go back to main menu, select “reboot system now”

One of the above methods should work to solve Google Play Store error 961. If you have any other quick fix or a better solution please drop a comment.

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