How to fix Error 80073cfb in Windows Phone orTablet

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The error 80073cfb error disrupts installation, download and update of apps/games in devices running Window OS. Recently, a lot of users have been affected by this error and it has remained unresolved for some despite the release of new system updates. However, most users have solved this issue by simply cancelling ongoing download and re-downloading the app/game in the Windows Store. For others, the problem has been automatically resolved. If you are still experiencing this issue, here are some steps to fix error 80073cfb in Windows phones or tablets :

How to fix Error 80073cfb in Windows Phone/Tablet 

Method 1: Re-installing apps/games

If your apps or games are set to automatically update, you’d want to cancel all pending downloads/updates and then re-download the app or game.

  1. Go to your apps list
  2. Press and hold on each app and then select “cancel update” or “cancel installation”
  3. Again, install each app from the store

Method 2: Changing date/time

  1. Uninstall all the apps that is giving the 80073cfb error
  2. Go to Settings >> turn off automatic date and time >> set date and time manually
  3. Sign out of your Microsoft account and sign back in
  4. Open Microsoft Store and try to update or download your app/game

Note: To access settings, swipe down from top and the click on the gear icon on top right.

Method 3: Changing Language

Weirdly, some users have reportedly solved the error by simply changing their language back and forth. Follow method 2 till step 3 and then Go to language settings and then change the language to something else than your original setting. For example- if you have German language set, change it to English.. Now run download/update for the app. Go back to settings and change it back to original settings. If you don’t know how to change the language, here’s the step:

  1. Go to settings >> scroll down and find “language”
  2. If you don’t find it, look for the timezone (example: GMT+5:45). The second option after that is the Language settings.
  3. Tap the + sign >> Select language >> tap check button at the bottom
  4. Restart phone/tablet

Method 4: Reboot device in the middle of download/update

  1. Uninstall the app causing the error<.li>
  2. Again click on the app and press install/download
  3. Reboot your Windows device by holding volume down and power button simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  4. The installation should start automatically.

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Method 5: Changing default store location of apps to SDCard

If you are getting the 80073cfb error while trying to update particular apps or games, you can first uninstall these apps, set its default installation location to SD card and then retry the download.

  1. Go to application list
  2. Scroll down and select Storage sense
  3. Select phone >> select “apps+games”
  4. Choose the app causing error >> Tap “move to SD” (if you want to move multiple apps at once, you can use the select button on the bottom of the screen)
  5. Now try to update the app from the Window Store

Hope you have managed to solve the 80073cfb error by trying one of the above fixes. If you have any other solution please help us in the comments.


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