How to fix error 489 in Google Play Store Android

Update for “app” could not be downloaded due to an error 489 in Google Play Store– This error can affect any app or game- Facebook, Viber, Dead Trigger, Clash of Clans etc. Most of the times this update/download error seems to resolve automatically after a few hours. In my case, it was due to a poor internet connection and when I switched to mobile data, the problem was solved. However, it can also occur sometimes due to a Google Play Store bug and may require you to clear data/cache of Google Play app. I have posted below two possible methods to fix error 489 in Google Play Store.

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How to Fix  Google Play Store Error 489 on Android Devices

As shown in the image below the exact error format is like this: Update for “YouTube” could not be downloaded due to an error (489).
Update for “YouTube” could not be downloaded due to an error (489)

Method 1: Removing and adding Google account

This is the same method used to fix other Google Play Errors like RPC:S-5:AEC-0Error 924 and Error 907.

  1. Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google
  2. Select your primary Gmail account >> Press menu button on your device and Select “Remove account”
  3. Again, Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google >>Select “Add account” >> Choose “Google” >> “Existing “
  4. Add back the Gmail account you removed in the previous step
  5. Open Google Play Store app and download the app or game that was giving the error 489 initially

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Method 2: Checking network connection

The 489 error is mostly resolved by resetting or changing your internet connection medium. Check your Wi-Fi speed by opening a normal website on your mobile browser. If it doesn’t open or takes too long to load, then your network is having some problems right now. Turn off torrents or anything that’s consuming the bandwidth. Try to run the installation again. If you have access to the router, turn it off and wait for 10-20 seconds. Then turn the router on again. Sometimes this resolves the slow connection issue and lets you download apps or games from Play Store without giving the error 489. If your connection is not fixed, you have to switch to a different Wi-Fi connection or you can use your mobile data for the installation, but the latter might cost you extra so don’t download a very large games via mobile data- unless you have subscribed for unlimited data plans.

Method 3: Uninstalling and reinstalling the app

If you are getting the Android error 489 during update, you may be able to fix it by simply uninstalling the app or game that you are trying to update, and then reinstall it in Google Play Store.

Method 4: Clear cache for Google Play Store and Google Play Services

  1. Go to Settings >> Apps >> All
  2. Now from the app list select “Google Play Store”
  3. Tap “Force Stop” and “Clear Data”
  4. Similar from the app list select “Google Service Framework”
  5. Tap “Clear Data”

Method 5: Uninstall Google Play Store updates
Many Google Play Store errors are caused by operating system incompatibility with Android market. In such cases, uninstalling the latest Google Play updates will fix the error. 
  1. Go to Settings >> Apps >> All
  2. Select “Google Play Store”
  3. Tap “Uninstall Update”
  4. Open Google Play store and try to download/update your app or game

Let us know if any of the above methods solved the error 489 in Google Play Store for your android device. If you have other methods or solutions please drop a comment.


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