Install KB3035583 update for Windows 10 upgrade – Win 7 & 8 users

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Initially, I didn’t know that people were getting Windows 10 upgrade for free, I found that people automatically got a Windows 10 icon on their task bar asking them to get Windows 10. To get this icon your Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS had to be up to date. I had turned automatic updates off so there was no way my Win 7 PC would quality for the Windows 10 upgrade. KB3035583 is the main update required for the Win 10 upgrade but before that you also need the (2919355) update.  So to get these files, I went to windows updates (press start then search “windows update”) and then manually checked the latest updates and installed it. I got many “failed to retrieve” error or failed updates but it looked like Windows update skipped installations for old updates and only installed the latest ones. However I could not find KB3035583 in windows update. Luckily, I found a way to install this update manually. If you are a Windows 7 or Windows 8 user, follow the below steps to download the KB3035583 update file, which will let you reserve your Windows 10 upgrade.

Cannot find  update file “KB3035583” after checking for updates in your Windows 7 or Windows 8 system?

How to Install KB3035583 for Windows 10 upgrade for Win 7 & 8 users

  • First of all check if you have the required update or not. Use this tool to check if the required updates are installed or not: Win10Fix (source: Ghacks)
    • Extract the tool and then right click and select “run as administrator”. Press any key to continue. Then press “1” . Now the tool will tell you if the required updates are already installed.
    • In my case, I had the KB3035583 missing but the 2919355 was already installed. Go ahead and check for 2919355  in windows update. Press “Start” then search “windows update”. Once inside, select “view update history”. Check for 2919355. If its not there go back and “check for updates” and then install it from the “available updates” section, If your internet is fast you can just turn automatic updates on and then it will probably be downloaded automatically. To turn automatic updates on go to “change settings” and then select “install updates automatically” from the drop down. 
    • After the required updates are installed, restart your PC. If you still don’t see the get Windows 10 icon (button) on the taskbar, install it manually here:  KB3035583 update installation file. For successful installation make sure that windows update is not installing any other updates at the moment. 
      After the manual install, reboot your PC and you should now see a white Windows logo-button
       at the bottom right (taskbar) of your screen. Hovering over it, a pop up will appear telling you to “get Windows 10”. Now click the icon and then it will open a new windows which will walk you through the reservation process. Keep automatic updates on so that Win 10 downloads automatically when its available after July 29.

      The Windows 10 update is expected to rollout after July 29

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