How to Fix Error Code 504 in Google Play Store

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The Error 504 is a Google Play Store gateway error that occurs due to slow internet connection on your Wi-Fi or mobile data. This is the error message I received while trying to install Facebook via Google Play store: Can’t install app. “Facebook” can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code:- 504). One of the signs of a slow connection is slow loading of normal webpages. Try opening on your Android browser, if it takes longer than normal to load the page, then your connection is slow and when you try to download or update large Android apps or games in such a connection, you will get the unknown error code 504 in Google Play. Users have reported this error while trying to update/download apps like Facebook, Chrome, Titanium Backup, Viber and so in google Play.

This error generally occurs while downloading or updating apps while the internet is slow. This issues has affected many android devices running different OSs like JellyBean 4.2, KitKat 4.4 and Lollipop 5.0. Most of the time, Google Play Store error 504 goes away once your network is back to normal. If you’re getting this error despite a normal internet speed try the following method to fix error code 504 in Google Play Store:

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 504 during app install & update

App can't be installed Error Code -504 in Google Play Store
Google Play Store Error Code: -504 while installing Facebook 

Method 1:Turn off and turn on Wi-Fi

This is basically to see whether your wi-fi is working as normal. 
  • First turn off your router, wait for 30 secs and then turn it back on
  • Now, turn off your smartphone or tablet’s wi-fi and then turn it back on
  • Connect to your Wi-Fi network
  • Open Google Play and try to update/install the app

Method 2: Turn off and turn on mobile data

Sometimes the problem can be with your home or office internet connection. You can simply turn on mobile data and try to download and install your app from Google Play Store. However, some mobile service providers charge high fees on mobile so only use mobile data if you can afford it. If your device is still unable to connect via mobile data, turn it off and on and check. 
  • You can turn off mobile data or the entire network via Aeroplane mode in the quick settings
  • If you don’t know how to use Aeroplane mode, go to Settings >>Mobile Networks >> Disable Data
  • Now turn your mobile data back on and try to run the installation

Method 3: Clearing Cache and Data of Google Play Store

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This is the most used method for fixing many Google Play Store error codes and error messages.

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> Swipe and select “All”
  • scroll down and select “Google Play Store” >> Clear cache and Clear Data
  • again, from “All” >> scroll down and select “Google Service Framework” >> Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • Now, open Google Play Store and update or download your app or game 

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Please note that the above methods might not work for everyone but they have worked for most. Most of the times, this error just automatically resolves after your network speed is normalized. If you have other possible  solutions for the 504 Error in Google Play Store please let us know in the comments. 


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