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Top 5 DJ Apps for Android.

If you have ever dreamed about becoming DJ and had never given it a chance, you should at least give it a try using some of users friendly virtual DJ apps available for your smart mobiles with functions and features just like real DJ mixer, with tables, using it you might end up being professional DJ having you own collections. This software are bundled with predefined sound effects and auto-mix functions for novice to advance users. Let me help you to find the best DJing software apps among the rest. 

Rated 4.0, Party mixer – DJ Player App. By Prizmos Ltd.

This is the basic app targeted the Novice users, it helps users understand what is cueing a song, picking cue point and pressing button and playing song at that exact point is what it does, it is excellent for beginners and will help in basics and will excel the user in cueing technique.  Small software useful help for beginners.

Rated 4.1, Cross DJ Free – Mix your music. By Mixvibes.

It is a sound mixer app for androids,  it provides almost all the controls available on real mixer, which includes Mixing Consoles or you can call it mixing desk. It has volume control channels, it is promising to be very easy to use, you can mix and can scracth, easy acess to your library,  provides two deck,  you can load tracks to Deck A and B and control it,  Cueing up to the start point then you can do transitions in between and show some scratching skills too. Very helpful app to understand the DJing.

Rated 4.1 DJ Studio 5 – By Beatronic

It is one of the most praised virtual DJ software which indeed can help novice user  to learn lot of stuff, and pro users might end up rocking parties with their collection of music. You would have never imagined that you can mix, remix, loop, scratch, pitch, create your  music within small and not so expensive device in your hand.

Rated 4.2 djay FREE – DJ App for Android – By Algoriddim.

It is claimed to be easy to use DJ App, promising to make your android device to full featured DJ system, provide easy access to your sound and playlist, you can perform live with this software, targeted users are both novice to advance but music enthusiast. Predefined sound effects are : Flanger, Phaser,  Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher with Mixer, Tempo, Pitch-Bend, Filter and EQ controls, has Looping & Cue Points.
Its with Single Deck Portrait mode.
Best part is it support all major audio formats.

Rated 4.3 edjing DJ music mixer studio  – By DJiT

This is the software who have claimed itself no.1 DJ app. It has huge collections of tracks in with access to Deezer and SoundCloud.You can have your profile page of eDJ at edjing world portal, which will help you promote yourself.  You have option to share your creations directly to the social networking websites.
It is Multi-platform track mixing app.  You can access to your local music library, can mix all tracks.
2 Turntable + Cross Fader gives real life experience and gives key idea for DJing.
Predefined DJ-effects such as: Cue point, Flanger, Loop, Echo, Equalizer, Scratch and others make it real awesome. 

Images and links are courtesy of Google search and Google Playstore, we give full credit to Google for shared links:

edjing – DJ Music Mixer Studio

edjing, the world #1 DJAppDJ mixer turntables to Play, Mix & Share …
 from 398,928 users

DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer

DJStudio is a free, robustand powerful party-proof virtual turntable for DJs …
 from 341,135 users

Party Mixer – DJ player app

No DJ-ing experience necessary. Party Mixer has been designed to be …
 from 32,722 users

djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music

The free award-winning DJ app to mix music, create and remix songs.
 from 65,397 users

Cross DJ Free – Mix your music

The best pro DJ app for Android. Mix tracks in perfect sync on a powerful …
 from 42,788 users Free

Biggest DJ Mix service andDJ Community With 100KMixes From 1000 …
 from 3,643 users

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