How to fix error 921 in Google Play Store Android


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Similar to the infamous RPC:S-5 and 927 Error,  Error 921 is a Google Play Store error that stops you from updating or installing apps. The error appears in this format – “Candy Crush” saga could not be downloaded due to an error  (921) or update for “HD Wallpaper” could not be downloaded due to an error 921 or Unknown error code during application install (921) . The usual cache clearing and Gmail account removal methods have worked for most of the Android Errors, and here also we’ll be using similar methods. Some common apps facing this error include Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Clash of Clans, Subway Surfer, YouTube, WhatsApp, Adobe Reader, Apex Launcher and Viber. If you are getting one of these annoying error messages, follow these simple steps that will quickly solve error 921 in Google Play Store :

How to Fix Error 921 in Google Play Store Android

Application could not be downloaded due to an error (921)
Android Market Error Pop up
  1. Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google Select your main Gmail >> Press Menu key >> Select “Remove account” 
  2. Go back to Settings >> Apps >> All >> Scroll down and find “Google Play Store” 
  3. Select Force Stop >> Clear Cache and Clear data 
  4. Repeat step 3 and 4 to clear cache and data of “Google Service Framework” 
  5. Again go to Settings >> Accounts >> Add account >> Choose “Google” >> Add back previously deleted Gmail. 
  6.  Restart device and setup your Google accounts 
  7. Open Google Play Store and then update/install your Android app or game. 

Note: Some users simply required clearing cache and data from “Google Play Store” and “Google Service Framework”. Others had to do the complete steps.

The above 921 error fix can also solve Error 101, [DF-BPA-13] and [DF-BPA-09] errors in Google Play Store. These errors also automatically resolve if you install latest firmware or update your older JellyBean OS. However, even users of the latest Android 4.4.4  KitKat and Android 5.1 Lollipop are also getting the error 921. Did this solution work for you? Do you know any alternative methods? Feel free to comment.

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