How to fix account is not eligible for google now on Android

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After the latest update my Google Now stopped working and gave me this error- your account is not eligible for Google now. The issue I had was that I couldn’t use the Google Now voice search (Ok Google) feature after the update. Before the latest update, I had Google Now cards disabled but I could use the voice command feature to give commands for opening apps, setting reminders, getting directions, settings alarms, scheduling meetings etc. So to get this Google voice search to work, I simply uninstalled the updates but you may have better use for the Google card feature of Google. So I searched some forums for possible fixes or solutions to get the Cards working. Read below about how to fix your account is not eligible for Google now on Android:

Method to get just the “OK Google” Voice command working:

If you don’t need Google cards but want the Voice search to work. This works if your voice search was already working prior to the latest Google Now update. For this you’ll simply have to uninstall updates for Google Now so that you get the original version back.

  • Go to Settings >> Apps >> Swipe and select “All”
  • From “All” apps list, Select “Google apps” >> Uninstall updates
  • Now go back and open Google search, and your “Ok Google” voice command should be working. Try commands like “set reminder…, what’s the weather like today, when was …. Born etc.. It should all work.

Possible fix to get Google Now Cards as well as Google Search ‘OK Google’ command working:

It seems Google has disabled Google Cards feature for many countries so Google Now won’t work everywhere. The below steps was recommended by various users and have worked for many who want to get the Google Cards working in Google Now. However, just like any other “Google Fix”, this is not a sure-fix for “your account is not eligible for google now” error but you can certainly give it a try:

Method 1: How to activate Google Now Cards (Posted on NexusHelp Forum)

On your browser do the following:

  1. Log into Google Apps Admin page 
  2. At the bottom, click ‘More controls’ >> Select ‘Other Google services’;
  3. From Google services >>Select ‘Filter’ icon on the top right >> Uncheck ‘Show top featured services’; find service called ‘Location history’ and enable it (I did for all users); 

On your Android smartphone or tablet do the following:

  1. Go to system Settings >> Accounts >> Location >> Google Location Reporting >> Enable all options
  2. Go to system Settings >> Apps >> All >> Select “Google Apps” >> Search & Now>> Accounts and privacy
  3. Select Google Account >> Log out 
  4. Repeat the above steps and this time log in to your account

Method 2: Solution for this account is not eligible to use google now [from XDA forum

Note: This method involves hard reset so first make sure to backup all your apps, photos, videos, music etc.

  1. Switch off your Android device. 
  2. Take your sim-card, memory card etc out 
  3. Go to settings and do a factory reset (Hard reset) 
  4. Now your device will reboot 
  5. On the initial setup, skip Wi-Fi settings and everything 
  6.  Go to settings >> Location >> Turn it “Off” 
  7. Turn on Wi-Fi >> Use VPN bestukvpn or OneclickVPN 
  8. Activate Google Now add login Your Gmail account in the settings

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Alternative Method 2 to active Google Now Cards without factory reset 

  1. Take your sim-card, memory card etc out 
  2. Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Search >> Accounts & Privacy >> Google account >> Sign out 
  3. Go to Settings >> Apps >> All >> Select “Google Play Services” >> Uninstall Updates and Delete Data 
  4. Connect to a VPN bestukvpn or OneclickVPN 
  5. Open Google Now and Select to “opt in” 
  6. Now go through the steps to activate Google Now 
  7. You will get the “This account is not eligible to use Google now” on Google Search, just search for something 
  8. From Google Search, Slide from left and sign in to your Google Account 
  9. You should get the option to “opt in to Google Now”.

Method 3: How to enable Google Now Cards (didn’t work for me)

  1. Reboot device 
  2. Go to Settings >> Apps >> Search >> Accounts and Privacy >>Google Account>> Select “Sign out” Go back to Settings >> Apps >> All >> Select “Google Play Services” from the list 
  3. Click “Disable” >> You will prompted to uninstall updates >> Accept >> If you’re prompted to disable android device manager, do it. 
  4.  Now you should be able to Disable Google Play Services. 
  5. Got to Settings >> Accounts >> Search >>Accounts & Privacy >> Google Account >> Choose your Gmail 
  6. You will be prompted to enable Google Play Services >> Enable it 
  7. Update Google Play Services and Enable Android Device Manager

The above methods aren’t guaranteed to fix this issue on all devices. If you’ve any other methods to get the Google Now cards working, please let us know in the comments. Users have reported this “Google Now disabled after update issue” on wide range of devices including, LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Moto G, Moto X and so on.


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