Android 4.0 7 tablet: Kindle Fire & Nexus 7 Strategy

Android 4.0 7 tablet: Kindle Fire & Nexus 7 Strategy

Android 4.0 7 tablet is another popular term for Android-4 based tablet or that can be updated to version 4 and has a 7 inch screen. The main advantages of this tablet so as to attract the attention of consumers is the price is relatively cheap, so when it launches able to achieve massive sales.

Tablet PC has the type as it is launched Kindle Fire by Amazon. Then followed by the Nexus 7 is launched by Google. Kindle Fire pioneered cheap price tablet, Nexus 7 cemented the trend in the tablet market. Both are based on the Android operating system.

Google carefully calculate the cost of production for the Nexus 7 to be sold is not over-priced Kindle Fire 199 USD. Of course, to win the competition, Nexus 7 must be designed to have a technological advantage.

Logically, there is not a product sold at a low price, but still comes with many features and capabilities as the standard tablet competitors that are sold at expensive prices.

There should be a left hand, but still able to meet the needs of users. Nexus 7 sacrificing one camera, so it only comes with a 1.2 Mp front camera. Also only have Wi-Fi connection, though later on 13 November 2012 launched the Nexus 32Gb 3G.

The strategy of the Amazon was previously known as the biggest online bookstore and Google as the biggest search engine, more creative than with vendors who rely on technological superiority.

Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, has a lot of rumors and predictions of observers who posted on the Internet and published in many print media. This is a campaign to make consumers want to know more about a new product.

Although the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 has not been released, they have prospective customers. The climax, when the product is launched – the consumer gets an offer with very cheap prices. Then sales took place on a large scale.

Inexpensive products that maintain the quality – as it determines the credibility of the big names Amazon and Google. Despite its limited features and specifications, will be accepted with awe by the consumer, in the end they understand the correlation between price and specifications.

For a version with more features and complete specifications, was launched based on estimates if the market is beginning to fill with the first version. The goal is to users who need more features, while the cheap price is ingrained impression on consumers.

This strategy is difficult to do by other manufacturers, Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 not final product – so it can be sold cheaply. Amazon and Google are still able to benefit from the content they have, which is downloadable from their cheap tablet.


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